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Tips for preparing for Competitive Exams

Lakhs of students appear in various competitive exams every year. Number of seats available is very few and it results in disappointment for many.

First and most important thing to remember is that one one should not be disheartened with unsuccessful attempts, it is good if you get through and it’s good if you don’t get through also. Life is full of challenges and success and failure are part of life. Believe me, like every success failure is also important as each failure teaches us some lessons of life. Everybody fails in life and not once but multiple times, so important thing to remember is learn from failures, don’t make the same mistake again and stand up and try again.

Fear and hope are two strong emotions, both are important but excess of either can spell disaster. I believe that it is important to remove the fear of failure from your mind as this relaxes the mind and without this fear, you are more at peace to prepare for your exams much better. Removing fear does not mean that you become careless; you still need to plan meticulously and follow that plan rigorously.

Research about the course you want to appear for:

· Is this really good stream/institute

· What kind of career options it opens up

· Do you like this career

· What percentage of students clear this exam

· What are the eligibility criteria

Career Prospects

· Check where some of the students work after completing the course

· What kind of salaries they draw

· Does this college have a placement program

· What kind of companies come for campus interviews

· Where do the alumni work

Exam Process

· Is there an interview after the test, what are the expectations in interview

· What language the exam and/or interview is in, are you comfortable with that language


· Do students go for professional coaching before the exam

· How much does coaching cost

· What percentage of students clear the exam without coaching to help you decide if you should take coaching

· Is coaching affordable

· Does coaching school offer any scholarship

· Are there other cheaper coaching options available, if you find it too costly

Study Material

· What books people refer to for preparing for this exam

· If these books are costly, can you buy them second hand

· Can you share the cost of books between friends

Study Plan

· How many hours of study do you need ever day

· What will be you free hours/relaxation hours

· How will you bring in discipline in following your plans

· Check your progress frequently by taking small self test at the end of every day

· May be a full test every week

· Time your test and don’t cheat

· Taking this test together with a few friends can make it more formal and can help create actual test center environment

At the end of it, I will say it again success and failure are parts of life, take them in stride... there are so many things that one can do, one exam is never the final judge of how good you are

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