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Most Promising Careers

Updated: Apr 10

Any education decision is based on where will this education lead me to, one of the most important criterion is which streams have the most potential and are most in demand. We have tried to identify some of the streams that we think are highly promising and have long term future, this is a list created based on our understanding, before you use it please do your own research also and see what fits you the best, as the right choices depend on multiple factors, affordability, how good the institute is, how do you perform in that field, communication skills and lot more.

Having said that here is the list that we think consists of White Collar careers with very high potential

1. Medicine

2. Engineering

3. Finance

4. Marketing

5. Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

6. Block-chain Technology

7. Investment Banking

8. Chartered Accountancy

9. Cyber security

10. Project Management

11. Product Management

12. Designing – Interior, Product, Fashion etc

13. Data Science

14. Cloud Technologies

15. Management Studies

Any career choices should consider various factors like demand in market, costs, ranking of the institute, campus placement, communication skills requirements, match with individual personality traits – extrovert or introvert, analytical or creative, organized or impulsive, decision making style, propensity to take risks and many more. In addition to the education all these aspects matter a lot in success or failure in the career. This is your life and it is important to understand yourself first and then take your career decisions. One needs to be very careful in self assessment as you need to asses as to “what you are” and not “what you want to be” because if you don’t honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses then you run the risk of making serious mistakes.

Wish you all the best with your career choices and a great career ahead.

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