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Career in Gaming

Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries around the globe. From USD 1.1Bn in 2019 to projected USD 2.8Bn in 2022 makes gaming as an industry worthy enough to be looked at as a future career option. It’s not that we find any industry growing at 40% CAGR and yes that is the expected growth rate of gaming in India. Companies like MPL, Dream 11 have raised multi million dollars at astronomical valuations, because Indian gaming today is amongst the top 5 markets in the world.

This phenomenal growth opens up large number of career opportunities.

You can look at choices like

1. Designing

2. Programming

3. Producing

4. Testing

5. Animation

6. Sound Engineer

7. Art designer/Creative designer

8. Narration/Script writer

9. Gamer

10. Streamer

Kind of qualification that are required for these areas can consist of

1. Acoustics Engineering

2. Computer Engineering

3. Bachelor in Visual Effects

4. Communication Design/Mass Communication

5. Graphics and animation Design

6. Finance/Business Management

7. Digital film making and animations

Some of the colleges in India offering courses relevant for gaming are

1. Indian school of gaming


3. Institute of gaming and technology

4. Arena Animations


If you are looking at education outside India then USA, Australia, UK, Singapore all offer some very good courses for you to pursue. Of course, cost of these courses will be many times of the cost in India.

Some of the top gaming companies in India are

1. MPL

2. Dream11

3. Nazara Games

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