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6 Tips for selecting your dream college

Updated: Apr 10

1. Take your time in researching about the colleges, subjects that you want to take, read reviews, check fee structures, check loan possibilities and also check employment record.

2. Don’t just follow your friends, they will have their own reasons for choosing that they are picking. This is your life and you need to be able to make your own decisions depending upon your choices and your circumstances.

3. Industry reputation is also important, see where do the alumni work, what is the average salary paid to them.

4. Credentials are very important, especially if you want to go for higher education within India or abroad. Check that college is government recognized and is affiliated to the right university, board or the council administering the domain. Also, ensure that college is recognized outside India in case you want to go abroad for higher studies.

5. Backup options It is absolutely must to have a few backup options, because the college that you like also is being liked by large number of other aspirants, hence it is critical to have a few options ready and you must apply at those colleges also.

6. Admission schedule and process keep a check list for everything related to admission process for each college, it must include dates for availability of forms, submission of applications, dates for the tests, date when shortlists will be announced, dates by which confirmation must be sent and fee must be paid etc. Keep this list as comprehensive as possible so that you don’t miss out important things.

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